Private Mortgage Lenders

Private Mortgage

Trillium mortgage has been arranging private mortgages in Ontario for over 20 years. Private mortgages can be arranged for up to 85% of the value of the property with little or no income verification.

Private mortgages are a great alternative for clients who are outside of the borrowing guide lines of an institutional lender.

How our private mortgage lenders can help you:

  • You’ve recently lost your job and you need a mortgage while you are in between jobs
  • Down payment for an investment property
  • A recent bankruptcy is restricting you from obtaining a mortgage from a traditional lender
  • Your TDS (Total Debt Service ratio) is too high but you do not want to lose your house
  • A recent divorce, judgment or life event has dramatically affected your credit rating
  • Lower income has impacted your qualification ability
  • To purchase land with less than the traditional 50% down
  • To get out of a pending power of sale or foreclosure

Private mortgage rates can start from 7.99% and up depending on if the mortgage is in first or second position, the location and the loan to value.

If you are looking for private mortgage lenders in Ontario call today or apply online.