Choosing A Real Estate Agent

Finding the right real estate agent is important. Your agent should actively work in the area you are looking in and have experience with the type of property that you are buying. Here are some guidelines and recommend questions to ask your potential agent.

What to look for in an Agent

An understanding of your needs.

A willingness to work with you until your needs are fulfilled.

A sense of professionalism.

Someone who is dedicated to their profession.

A familiarity with the area in which you have an interest.

A familiarity with the price range in which you have an interest.

Strong references from previous buyers.

Questions to ask a prospective Agent

How long have you been in Real Estate?

Are you a full time agent?

Are you familiar with the area in which we want to look?

How many home sales did you participate in last year?

What is the average sold price of the homes you sold last year?

Do you normally work with sellers or buyers?

How many buyers are you presently working with? How many sellers?

Where do you feel your strengths lie?

What 3 buyers that you have worked with can you give me as references?

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